We love great quality, local organic food



At Mayfield Organic, we love great food and we like to know where our food comes from. We deal in local, organic and seasonal produce. We believe in being kind to your body.


Mayfield are a small family run business, born out of the desire to nurture change, encourage rejuvenation and help us all to re-root in our world. We are committed to sourcing and delivering the best organic & local fresh produce we can find, to our local community. We relish the opportunity to provide a flexible service, which supports your needs and makes life easier.

With a passion for creating affirming collaborations, we search out other like-minded small businesses who are as committed to the local sustainable organic food revolution as we are. By developing long standing and mutually enriching relationships with our existing suppliers, we hope to encourage small adjustments that will go on to make big positive changes for our health, communities and the environment.

We know our customers care about where their food comes from, and the impact our food industry has on their own health & wellbeing, as well as the planet we live on. That’s why we take the time and effort to do the legwork for you, sourcing these delicious local edibles and delivering direct to your door.

We’ve created some “Great Crates” that will meet a whole range of needs tailored for a wide budget range to make quality local produce affordable to all.

Health does start in the kitchen and we believe everyone has the right to access real food. We are proud to be making a difference at the local level, as well as supporting the network of growers and farms, keeping the flame of knowledge burning!

We are excited and driven by learning, sharing and caring about everything to do with real food, healthy living and creativity in the kitchen. Spurred by this passion, Mayfield hope to become an established local cornerstone of food education, generating a profit that enables continued growth and development, which will enrich all of you that share in the love!